Return Rufunds

Return & Rufunds


The process of returns and refunds.

(1)     Capture the photos of the damaged items. Please note to focus on the defects parts.

(2)     Sendus a email with the attachments to our customer service, we will investigate and provide the below solution.

Current Stock Order : 

A.      We will make a replacement of the item on your next order shipment.

B.      We will deduct the value of this item on your next order.

C.      Refunds,we will communicate via the email you sent and make the refunds in 3 to 5 days.


Factory Order : 

(1)     Usually,the defects rate of factory order is very low. We will suggest solving it byrefunding the value of defects item.

This is because factory orders requireminimum quantity order. Small number of quantity of factory will involve extracost and time.

We are always paying attention on our quality inspection. The cases of damage items from factory orders never happened yet sofar.

Incase this happened, please contact usimmediately via email or phone: 86 136 9294 1945


(2)     If there is large number of defects items, please contacts us immediately. We will investigate the issues and try to reproduce your items.


(3)     Inthe circumstances where you are not agreed with the quality assurance of the produced products,

we having the rights to increase the cost of production and sales pricing to fulfill your standard of quality, then only begin the production.

We will communicate with you and discuss thismatter.