How to Pay

How to Pay

We accept Payment by Paypal and Company Bank Account

( Less than $500.00 that we advise paid by PayPal )

( And more than $500-$1000.00 like $2000 or even more that its better paid by bank )

1.Acceptable CurrencyU.S. Dollar,if you want paid by other currency that please contact with our salesman.

2.Note: When remitting to LOFO Hong Kong bank account, any extra charges are borne by customers. We will only account according to the actual amount received.

3.We will send our paypal account or companybank account to your E-mail,once you make the order.

4.If you paid by Company Bank Account thatcan get 2% discount. ( The Special order was not use for this discount )

For example if the Order total: $1000.00 - 2%discount *$1000.00=$980.00

5. If you paid by Paypal there was nodiscount that as the paypal have the 4.4% charge.